Fraud & White Collar Criminal Defense

fraud, white collar criminal defense, white collar crimesA fraud is simply the use of false or misleading statements to obtain something of value, usually cash, from a victim.  Everyone and every organization, from the single mother or the elderly retiree to the largest brokerage houses or investment firms fall victim to fraudulent schemes.  The schemes may be perpetrated by individuals or organizations located in the United States or overseas.  Often, fraud occurs in normal business transactions—the financing of a business, the purchase of a company, invest in stock, a contract for the sale of goods.

On the other hand, not every business decision that results in a loss is the result of fraud.  Sometimes, changes in the business environment or other external factors can render a seemly profitable business venture valueless.  The difference between a fraud and a bad business decision is frequently hard to detect.  It requires skilled and knowledgeable professionals who understand fraud in its many forms and can sample financial transactions to determine if fraud has occurred.  At Boyle Frost, we have the expertise and the experience to determine if fraud has occurred, and, if it has, to pursue appropriate recompense.

Fraud has both civil and criminal consequence and is a commonly charged white collar criminal offense.  There are dozens of types of fraud offenses in the Federal Criminal Code: False Claims Act, Medicare and Healthcare Fraud, Securities Fraud. Banking Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Mail and Wire Fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, to name but a few.  We have represented individuals and organizations under investigation for and/or charges with violations of all of these statutes.  Frequently, activities that may appear fraudulent at the outset may be perfectly legal.  The distinction between a fraud and a legitimate business practice can be very nuanced—the consequences of an incorrect determination could not be more stark.  It may mean the difference between a thriving successful concern and the loss of reputation and business opportunities, the loss of millions of dollars or even imprisonment,

False Claims Act, Securities Fraud, Banking Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Wire FraudAt Boyle Frost, we represent people and organizations wrongfully accused of fraud, no matter what type.  We also represent the legitimate victims of fraud.  Mr. Boyle brings to the practice more than 25 years of experience investigating, prosecuting and defending individuals and organizations accused of fraud.  As a Certified Public Accountant with a background in forensic accounting before law school and years of experience in tax and other types of fraud after law school, Mr. Frost is uniquely qualified to analyze complex financial records on behalf of his clients.  Together, they make a formidable team.

Whether wrongfully accused of fraud or the victim of fraud, we can help.  Please contact us below to set up an appointment.